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This is an event from the May 2016 Festival.

Code: 81  |  Type: Special Event   |  Genres: Science & Environment, Technology, Comedy

Pull up those trousers and readjust your spectacles, the night of nights for the nerd community is back and more outrageously educational than ever. Your comrade Adam Spencer takes to the stage to introduce a bevy of his favourite Festival geeks including Australian YouTube star and nervous elevator-rider Natalie Tran, Nobel-winning super scientist Peter Doherty, and the man behind 14-down and many other classic crossword clues, David Astle. Be amused, but not alarmed – the nerds are back and less concerned than ever about the world’s judgement. 

Thursday 19 May 2016 8:00 PM - 9:30 PM
Roslyn Packer Theatre, 22 Hickson Road, Walsh Bay

David Astle (Australian)

David Astle has written two novels, plus five non-fiction works: Cluetopia, Puzzled, One Down, One Missing, Offbeat Australia and Riddledom. Between books, he drives the world to delight and despair as Friday's crossword setter, DA, appearing in both The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. Actor Geoffrey Rush, in fact, describes David as 'the Sergeant Pepper of cryptic crosswords - a complete mind fuck'. Which is possibly a compliment. David was the former dictionary bloke on SBS's Letters and Numbers, while his feature stories have tackled luck, lying, drowning and fridge magnets, to name a few topics. His short stories have won several awards, including a trip to Beijing via Dublin as part of the James Joyce Suspended Sentence Prize in 2001.

Natalie Tran (Australian)

Since uploading her first video on YouTube in 2006, Natalie Tran’s communitychannel has gained over 1.7 million subscribers and had over half a billion views. Tran's videos are a collection of scripted comedy clips that contain a mixture of monologue and sketch focusing on the oddities of everyday awkward situations with Tran playing multiple characters. In 2007, barely a year after uploading her first video, she was foremost among the Australian YouTube celebrities invited to participate in the launch of YouTube Australia. In 2011, Natalie made The Sydney Morning Herald’s annual list of Sydney's 100 Most Influential People. In 2013, Natalie surpassed half a billion views and in 2014 was nominated for Young Australian of the Year. Natalie thinks bios make you sound more interesting than you are.

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Peter Doherty (Australian)

Peter Doherty shared the 1996 Nobel Prize in Medicine for discovering the nature of the cellular immune defense and continues to be involved in research directed at understanding and preventing the severe consequences of influenza virus infection. He is a huge advocate for evidence-based reality in areas as diverse as childhood vaccination, global hunger and anthropogenic climate change. In an effort to communicate more broadly, he has published four books for general readers. The Knowledge Wars is the latest.

Adam Spencer (Australian)

Mathematician, comedian and broadcaster Adam Spencer has covered a wide terrain. As a PhD Pure Mathematics student he won Triple J’s Raw Comedy Competition and started a 15 year breakfast radio career that ended last December when he hung up the headphones. He is now The Ambassador for Mathematics and Science at The University of Sydney and one of Australia's best-known science communicators.