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This is an event from the May 2016 Festival.

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Ye Xin (International)

Ye Xin was born in Shanghai in October 1949. He was sent to Guizhou Province as a zhiqing in 1969 and worked on the construction of the Hunan-Guizhou railway. His novels include High Sierra in Miaoling, The Ages of Idling Away, Family Education, Love Has No Choice and Shanghai Diary. He has won many awards including the October Prize and the National Prize for Best Novel. He is vice-chairman of the Writers’ Association of China and the Writers’ Association of Shanghai, and director of the Institute of Literature of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences.

Beth Yahp (Australian)

Beth Yahp is an award-winning author, editor and creative-writing teacher of adults and children. Her novel The Crocodile Fury has been translated into several languages and her libretto Moon Spirit Feasting, for composer Liza Lim, won the APRA Award for Best Classical Composition in 2003. Beth has worked as an editor and taught creative writing in universities for many years. She was the presenter of Elsewhere, a program for travellers on ABC Radio National (2010-11). Her latest book is her memoir, Eat First, Talk Later.

Hanya Yanagihara (International)

Hanya Yanagihara was born in LA in 1975. She is the author of The People in the Trees, which was shortlisted for the PEN/Robert W. Bingham Prize for Debut Fiction and A Little Life, which was shortlisted for the 2015 Man Booker Prize for Fiction. She lives in New York City.

Joshua Yeldham (Australian)

Award-winning artist Joshua Yeldham explores a spiritual connection with, and journey into, the Australian landscape. Working across painting, photography and sculpture, his art is held in collections around the world. Surrender, conceived as a journal for his daughter, is his first book.

Damon Young (Australian)

Damon Young is a prize-winning philosopher and writer. He is the author of seven books, including How to Think About Exercise, Philosophy in the Garden and Distraction. His works are published internationally in English and translation, and he has also written poetry and short fiction. Young is an Honorary Fellow at the University of Melbourne and his most recent book is The Art of Reading.

Xu Zhiyuan (International)

Xu Zhiyuan has been described by Ai Weiwei as ‘The most important Chinese intellectual of his generation’. Xu has published 11 books so far, his most recent Paper Tiger: Inside the Real China. Xu was a visiting scholar at Cambridge University from 2009 to 2010. He is editor-in-chief of the Chinese edition of Business Weekly and writes columns for The Financial Times. He also co-founded One-Way Street, a bookstore that has become a cultural landmark in Beijing.

Li Zhou (Australian)

Zhou Li is the SBS Radio Mandarin program Executive Producer and host. Zhou Li has a wealth of experience in TV and Radio hosting. She was the former host of the Chinese/English bilingual SBS TV news program Mandarin News Australia. She has 16 years of experience under her belt in TV/Radio program hosting in both Australia and China. Zhou Li has been reporting on as well as hosting numerous major Australia-China conferences and events such as the Australia-China Tourism Summit, Australia China Economic & Trade Forum, etc. She has been described as ‘Australia's Chinese Golden Microphone’ and ‘host for the Chinese Australian community’.

Jamie Zimmermann (Australian)

Jamie Zimmermann wanted to enhance the general understanding of the profession of the modern soldier and the impact of their service on families, friends and returning service people. He wrote The Promise - Three Wars, Two Mates. Jamie has combined his passion for fitness, advocacy for ADF members in transition and his Commando Special Forces background to created unique and special fitness challenge for everyone - The Australian Hero Games. He currently owns and operates a real estate business in Sydney.

Claire Zorn (Australian)

Claire Zorn’s first young adult novel The Sky So Heavy received a 2014 CBCA Honour Book Award for Older Readers. Her second novel, The Protected, won the 2015 Prime Minister’s Literary Awards Young Adult Fiction, the Victorian Premier’s Literary Award for Young Adult Fiction, the 2015 CBCA Best Book for Older Readers and has been longlisted for the Gold Inky Award.