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Saturday, May 23 2015 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM Ticketed: $14
Pier 2/3 The Loft, Pier 2/3, Hickson Road, Walsh Bay
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Just how did everything get so dumb? As serious public debate takes a nosedive and idiocy claims ascendancy, two alarmed allies join forces to, well, complain bitterly about the state of things. Join author, broadcaster and professional rabble-rouser Helen Razer and Crikey’s political editor and commentator Bernard Keane as they discuss their smart, infuriating and frankly rude new book, A Short History of Stupid, with Benjamin Law. Where does stupid come from, who’s spreading it, and how do we stop it?


Helen Razer also leads Workshop W22 How to be a Hack with Alyx Gorman.

Change from printed program: Benjamin Law has replaced Wendy Harmer as the facilitator of this event.

Helen Razer (Australian)

For much of the 1990s Helen Razer presented the Breakfast program on Triple J with Mikey Robins.
She has been employed as a contributor by The Age and The Australian and is now a columnist with Crikey and The Big Issue, and a correspondent for The Saturday Paper. Helen has produced four previous books of humorous nonfiction, had a rest and returned to collaborate with her friend Bernard Keane to write her only serious work to date A Short History of Stupid.

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Bernard Keane (Australian)

Bernard Keane has been Crikey's correspondent and politics editor in Canberra since 2008, writing on politics, media and economics. Before joining Crikey he was a policy adviser and speechwriter in transport and communications. He is the author of the ebook War on the Internet and an incessant torrent of analysis, reportage and commentary on politics and public policy for Crikey. His latest book, A Short History of Stupid is written with Helen Razer and published by Allen & Unwin.

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Benjamin Law (Australian)

Benjamin Law is is a Sydney-based writer and a frequent contributor to frankie, The Monthly and Good Weekend. He is the author of two books – The Family Law and Gaysia, both of which were nominated for Australian Book Industry Awards (ABIAs).  He has written for over 50 Australian and international publications and is currently adapting The Family Law for SBS television

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