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Samah Hadid (Australian)

Samah Hadid is a human rights activist and anti-poverty campaigner with ActionAid. She has been a former Australian Youth Ambassador to the UN and advised international organisations on minority and women's rights. She co-authored The Future By Us, along with several newspaper opinion pieces. Most recently she has campaigned on women's rights in Egypt and has interviewed young participants in the Arab uprisings. She is also an avid tweeter, online campaigner, aspiring playwright and performance artist.

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Gideon Haigh (Australian)

Gideon Haigh has been writing about sport, business and social history for more than 20 years. He wrote regularly for The Guardian during the 2006-07 Ashes series. He has written or edited more than 20 books, the most recent of which is The Office: A hardworking history.

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Rodney Hall (Australian)

Rodney Hall was born in England and came to Australia as a child. After leaving school in Brisbane at 16 he worked professionally as a musician and for a while as an actor. However since 1961 he has lived by his writing, being the author of over 30 books and countless articles. He has won the Miles Franklin Literary Award twice, and many of his novels and poems have been published internationally. He lives in Melbourne.

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Paul Ham (Australian)

Paul Ham is the author of the highly acclaimed Hiroshima Nagasaki and Kokoda, which was shortlisted for the Walkley Award for Non-fiction. He also co-wrote and appeared in the ABC’s two-part documentary based on the Kokoda book. His second book, Vietnam: The Australian war, won the New South Wales Premier’s History Award and was shortlisted for the Prime Minister’s History Prize, the Walkley Award and the Queensland Premier’s Literary Award. Paul will present an ABC documentary based on Vietnam to be screened in 2012.

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David Hamer (Australian)

David Hamer’s primary research interest is in the law of evidence. He takes an interdisciplinary approach, interrogating the law – and the proof process more broadly – using tools drawn from probability theory, narrative theory and psychology. His interest in evidence law often flows over into areas of substantive law and broader issues, in particular law’s continuing struggle with the notion of causation, criminal justice, and the causes of and solutions to wrongful convictions.

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Margaret Hamilton (Australian)

Margaret Hamilton has many years’ experience in children’s books — as a children’s librarian, bookseller, publisher and as a parent. In 1987 she left her position as director at Hodder & Stoughton Australia to begin Margaret Hamilton Books with her husband, Max. The company achieved considerable success and won many awards before becoming a division of Scholastic Australia in 1996. Margaret’s passion for picture books and the world of Australian illustrators has led her to open Pinerolo, the children’s book cottage in Blackheath.

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Sophie Hamley (Australian)

Sophie Hamley did her time in the bookselling trenches while at university. Following a year working in children’s books in Vancouver, Sophie returned to work in Australian publishing as an editor at HarperCollins and Penguin. She went on to work at the Seven Network, Massive Interactive and CCH as a writer and editor of online content, and website and interactive TV producer. In 2006 Sophie joined the Cameron Creswell Agency and now manages a varied list of clients writing fiction, non-fiction and children’s books.

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Fiona Harari (Australian)

Fiona Harari is an award-winning journalist who began her career at The Age in 1984. She has worked for Time (Australia) magazine, was a senior writer with The Australian for 13 years, and also works in television on programs including Enough Rope, Elders and most recently Can of Worms. Published in 2011, A Tragedy in Two Acts: Marcus Einfeld and Teresa Brennan is Fiona’s first book.

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Chad Harbach (International)

Chad Harbach is the author of one of the most talked about novels of 2011, The Art of Fielding. He grew up in Wisconsin and graduated from Harvard in 1997. He was a Henry Hoyns Fellow at the University of Virginia, where he received an MFA in Fiction in 2004. He is currently the executive editor of n+1, which he co-founded, and lives in Brooklyn.

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Marieke Hardy (Australian)

Marieke Hardy is a screenwriter, blogger and radio broadcaster. After many years writing a humorous television column in The Age, she moved on to regular political columns for ABC's The Drum and senior contributing work for Frankie magazine. She has been screenwriting Australian television drama for over 15 years. Her six-part black comedy series Laid premiered in Australia in 2011. In the guise of literary reviewer she makes Jennifer Byrne's life an unbridled misery once a month on ABC TV's First Tuesday Book Club. She lives in Melbourne with a dog named Bob Ellis.

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Richard Harland (Australian)

Richard Harland is an author of children’s and young-adult fiction, especially fantasy. He has had 16 novels published, including Walter Wants to Be a Werewolf and the Wolf Kingdom series for children. His two latest books, Worldshaker and Liberator, have been published successfully in the US, UK, France, Germany and Brazil as well as Australia.

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Wendy Harmer (Australian)

Wendy Harmer has worked in stand-up, radio and television. She is the author of many books including four novels for adults - the latest being Friends Like These - and the bestselling Pearlie in the Park series for children, which have been made into an animated series and a stage musical. The sequel to her YA novel, I Lost My Mobile at The Mall, will be published this Christmas. She is the co-founder of the daily online magazine

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Lachlan Harris (Australian)

Lachlan Harris is a columnist with The Sunday Telegraph, a regular commentator on politics and the media, and the co-founder of One Big Switch. Between 2007 and 2010 Lachlan was senior press secretary to former prime minister Kevin Rudd. Prior to working in politics, Lachlan was the legal correspondent for the Koori Mail and editor of the Australian Indigenous Law Report. In his proudest achievement Lachlan was also the founder of Budgy Smuggler swimwear.

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Martin Harrison (Australian)

Martin Harrison is one of Australia’s most celebrated poets. A senior lecturer at UTS, Martin has written eight collections of poems since 1978, including his latest award-winning new and selected anthology, Wild Bees. Along with his poetry, Martin has written an acclaimed series of essays about contemporary poetry, Who Wants to Create Australia? He has also been a leading ABC Radio producer and broadcaster associated equally with drama, poetry and criticism, and the promotion of innovative forms of sound-feature and sound-work.

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Peter Hartcher (Australian)

Peter Hartcher is the political editor and international editor for The Sydney Morning Herald. His most recent book is The Sweet Spot: How Australia made its own luck – and could now throw it all away. He has won both the Gold Walkley Award for journalism and the Citibank Award for business reporting. His other books include Bubble Man and To the Bitter End.

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Michael Hastings (International)

Michael Hastings is a contributing editor at Rolling Stone. From 2002 to 2008 he was a journalist for Newsweek magazine, famous for his Iraq War coverage. In 2010, Rolling Stone published “The Runaway General", Hastings's profile of General Stanley McChrystal, then commander of NATO's International Security Assistance Force directing the war in Afghanistan. The article resulted in McChrystal being relieved of duty. The Operators now tells the full, explosive story of a decade-long war and the egos that run it.

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Ashley Hay (Australian)

Ashley Hay is a former literary editor of The Bulletin and the author of four books of non-fiction: The Secret: The strange marriage of Annabella Milbanke and Lord Byron, Gum: The story of eucalypts and their champions, and Herbarium and Museum with visual artist Robyn Stacey. The Body in the Clouds is her first novel and was shortlisted for the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize Best First Book (South East Asia and Pacific), and the New South Wales Premier's Literary Awards.

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Susan Hayes (Australian)

Susan Hayes is director of literature at the Australia Council for the Arts. Since emigrating from the UK in 1981, Susan has worked extensively in the field of Australian literature and publishing in Western Australia and New South Wales. She is a Churchill Fellow and has a M.Phil in Australian studies from the University of Western Australia.

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Anita Heiss (Australian)

Dr Anita Heiss has published non-fiction, historical fiction, children's and commercial women's fiction, poetry, social commentary and travel articles. She is an Indigenous Literacy Day ambassador, patron of WEAVE and a proud member of the Wiradjuri nation. She co-edited, with Peter Minter, The Macquarie PEN Anthology of Aboriginal Literature, and her most recent adult novels are Manhattan Dreaming and Paris Dreaming. Her latest book is Am I Black Enough For You?. She lives in Sydney.

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Robin Hemley (International)

Robin Hemley is the author of eight books and the winner of many awards. His third collection of short stories, Reply All, and A Field Guide for Immersion Writing: Memoir, journalism and travel are both forthcoming in 2012. He is a senior editor of The Iowa Review and editor of a popular online journal, Defunct. He currently directs the non-fiction writing program at the University of Iowa and is the founder and organiser of NonfictionNow, a biennial conference that will convene in November 2012 in Melbourne, Australia.

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Anne Henderson (Australian)

Anne Henderson is deputy director of The Sydney Institute which she has operated with her husband Gerard Henderson, a well-known political commentator, for the past 20 years. Anne also edits The Sydney Papers Online and co-edits The Sydney Institute Quarterly. She is the author of a number of non-fiction books including her most recent, the acclaimed biography of former prime minister Joseph Lyons.

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David Henley (Australian)

David Henley has worked for more than 12 years in the Australian publishing industry. David is co-founder of Xou Creative, a publishing-focused design and production studio. Xou Creative publishes Seizure magazine and the UTS Writers' Anthology. David is also known by his alter ego, Terence Bumbly.

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Alex Herbert (Australian)

Alex Herbert is the chef and co-founder of Bird Cow Fish. Established in Balmain in 1996, the restaurant moved to Surry Hills in 2006 and was awarded its first toque, which it maintained until its closure in 2012. Alex hosted dozens of food writers’ dinners at Bird Cow Fish and in 2012 she plans to develop her Tuesday Salon table, where influential people in the hospitality industry will gather to share food, wine and ideas.

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Michael Heyward (Australian)

As well as being an author and editor, Michael Heyward is the managing director and publisher of Text Publishing, a multi-award winning independent publishing company in Melbourne. Text publishes Australian and international authors including Barack Obama, Kate Grenville, Helen Garner, Tim Flannery, Yann Martel, Peter Temple, John Clarke, Carlos Ruiz Zafon, Lloyd Jones, Nick Cave and MJ Hyland.

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Jim Hightower (International)

Jim Hightower is the best (and funniest) analyst of American politics that most Aussies have never heard of.  His latest book (of seven) is Swim Against the Current, Even a Dead Fish Can Go With the Flow. Before becoming America’s most popular populist speaker, he was twice elected to statewide office in Texas and butted heads with George Bush and Karl Rove. Today, his Hightower Lowdown newsletter has over 100,000 paying subscribers – regular Americans whom he calls the “Powers That Ought To Be”.

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Scott Hill (Australian)

Scott Hill is the curator for the Historic Houses Trust’s Western Sydney portfolio, which encompasses Rouse Hill House and Farm, Elizabeth Farm and Meroogal. His particular curatorial interests include the relationship between architecture and landscape, and the ‘ephemeral’ interpretation within house museums including seasonal, dining and floral decoration. His postgraduate research is examining the colonial Macarthur family and their interest in architecture that culminated in the building of Camden Park. He was the stylist for House and co-curated Government House, Sydney at the Museum of Sydney.

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Timothy Hill (Australian)

Timothy Hill began practising as an architect with Brian Donovan in 1992 and now leads a staff of 30 with two other directors. Unusually, their output is deliberately unspecialised, ranging through furniture commissions, city centre masterplans, landscapes, campus buildings, change-management facilitation, office towers and houses. A broad array of institutions, private clients and governments have been partners in projects, often in the confronting act of creating something from nothing.

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Sue Hines (Australian)

Sue Hines is the trade publishing director at Allen & Unwin, managing a team of publishers producing around 250 books each year. Sue started her publishing career at the independent publishing house McPhee Gribble. She was the managing editor during the period the company was the powerhouse of Australian literary publishing and she worked with a range of fiction and non-fiction writers. She then joined Reed Books to start their first paperback imprint and went on to become the company’s non-fiction and illustrated publisher.

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Jonathan Holmes (Australian)

Jonathan Holmes has been a journalist for more than 40 years. Born and educated in Britain, he joined BBC TV's current affairs group in 1971. He came to Australia in 1983 to become executive producer of the ABC's Four Corners. Jonathan currently hosts Mediawatch on the ABC.

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Barbara Horgan (Australian)

Barbara Horgan has been a bookseller for 26 years and says she has the best job in the world. Barbara is currently the co-owner of Shearer’s Bookshop with her husband, Tony. Shearer’s was the first independent bookshop to win Bookseller of the Year in 1993, winning it again in 2011. Shearer’s also won the Australian Indies Metropolitan Bookshop of the Year, the Inner West Small Retail Business of the Year and the overall Inner West Best Business of the Year in 2011.

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Jane Hutcheon (Australian)

Jane Hutcheon presents the interview program One Plus One on ABC TV and is a senior presenter on ABC News 24. A former foreign correspondent, Jane has covered wars, disasters and key international events during her postings to China (1995-2001), the Middle East (2003-2005) and Europe (2005-2008). She is the author of From Rice to Riches, a book about her time as China correspondent and her colonial upbringing in Hong Kong.

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