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Tasmanian Aborigines
Code: 173  |  Type: Conversation   |  Genres: , Fashion, History, Indigenous
Saturday, May 19 2012 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM Ticketed: $15/$10
Sydney Theatre, Richard Wherrett Studio, 22 Hickson Road, Walsh Bay Venue & Transport Info
Lyndall Ryan, Ann Curthoys (facilitator)
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In her 1981 classic work The Aboriginal Tasmanians, historian Lyndall Ryan refuted the belief that Tasmania’s Aborigines had been exterminated. Now she produces evidence that an even greater number of Aboriginal Tasmanians were massacred than previously recognised, and tells the story of the fightback for recognition and restitution. She also takes on the so-called history wars where people such as Keith Windschuttle challenged her earlier research. She talks to Ann Curthoys.

Lyndall Ryan (Australian)

Lyndall Ryan is a professor in the Centre for the History of Violence at the University of Newcastle, Australia. Her major publications include The Aboriginal Tasmanians and articles on settler massacres of Aborigines in northern New South Wales, Tasmania and Victoria. Her new book, The Tasmanian Aborigines: A history since 1803, reconsiders the historical experiences of the Tasmanian Aborigines in the light of new debates about settler violence and new research that confirms their survival as a modern Aboriginal community today.

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Ann Curthoys (Australian)

Ann Curthoys is an Australian Research Council professorial fellow at the University of Sydney. She writes on many aspects of Australian history and about historical theory and writing. Her books include Freedom Ride: A freedom rider remembers, Is History Fiction? (with John Docker) and How to Write History that People Want to Read (with Ann McGrath). Recently she co-edited with Frances Peters-Little and John Docker Passionate Histories: Myth, memory and Indigenous Australia.