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The Tyranny of Affluence
Code: 75  |  Type: Panel   |  Genres: Feminism, History, Business & Economics, Politics & Current Affairs,
Friday, May 18 2012 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM Ticketed: $15/$10
Pier 2/3 Main Stage, Pier 2/3, Hickson Road, Walsh Bay Venue & Transport Info
George Megalogenis, Geoffrey Blainey
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With revolutions in transport and communications, the tyranny of distance so famously named and described by Geoffrey Blainey in his landmark book in 1966 has perhaps lessened in importance for Australia, but are we now prone to other, equally debilitating conditions? With an average household net worth of $719,561, a penchant for McMansions and super-sized SUVs and, despite the GFC effects, a stellar track record in accumulating the latest hot consumer items, be they IPads or gigantic Television sets, are we just too affluent? Can there be too much of a good thing, and what impacts does this have on our society? Geoffrey Blainey and George Megalogenis explore the conundrum.

George Megalogenis (Australian)

George Megalogenis is a senior journalist and political commentator with The Australian, to which he also contributes the respected blog Meganomics, and is a regular guest on ABC TV's The Insiders. He spent over a decade in the Canberra Press Gallery and is the author of Faultlines, The Longest Decade and Quarterly Essay 40: Trivial Pursuit – Leadership and the End of the Reform Era. His latest book is The Australian Moment.

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Geoffrey Blainey (Australian)

Geoffrey Blainey is one of Australia's most significant and popular historians. He held chairs in economic history and in plain history at the University of Melbourne for 21 years and has written some 36 books including the bestselling A Short History of the World. Professor Blainey was a delegate to the 1998 Constitutional Convention and also chaired various Commonwealth government bodies including the Australia Council, the Literature Board, the Australia-China Council and the National Council for the Centenary of Federation.

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