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Modern Manglish
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Friday, May 18 2012 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM Free, no bookings
Bangarra Mezzanine, Pier 4/5, Hickson Road, Walsh Bay Venue & Transport Info
Neil James, Harold Scruby, Sue Butler (facilitator)
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Is it a crime to kill a word? A sin to slaughter sense with jargon and other unpardonables? Neil James and Harold Scruby certainly think so. They proffer the evidence to Sue Butler.

Supported by the Plain English Foundation.

Neil James (Australian)

Neil James is executive director of the Plain English Foundation, which combines plain-English training, editing and evaluation with a campaign for more ethical public language. His latest book is Modern Manglish, co-authored with Harold Scruby. Neil is the author of Writing at Work and the editor of Writers on Writing and The Complete Sentimental Bloke. He has published over 65 articles and essays on language and literature in publications as diverse as The Times Literary Supplement and The Daily Telegraph.

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Harold Scruby (Australian)

Harold ‘Haitch’ Scruby was born in Singapore and educated in Sydney. During his 25 years in the rag trade, he wrote two books: Waynespeak and Manglish. He spent eight years on Mosman Council as a councillor and deputy mayor. He is the chairman of the not-for-profit Pedestrian Council of Australia. Harold is a passionate crusader for pedestrians and the executive director of Ausflag Limited, which wants the Jack removed from the Australian flag. His most recent book is Modern Manglish: Gobbledygook made plain.