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Code: 113  |  Type: Panel   |  Genres: Historical Fiction, , Politics & Current Affairs, Feminism, Business & Economics, Art & Design
Friday, May 18 2012 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM Ticketed: $15/$10
Wharf Theatre 2, Pier 4/5, Hickson Road, Walsh Bay Venue & Transport Info
Mark Colvin, Catherine Deveny, Neil James (facilitator)
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With social media such as Twitter and Facebook our personal views enter the public discourse and are subject to comment or challenge, often from total strangers. How is our language affected by these interactions? Do we choose our words differently, knowing they are on public display? How much thought goes into those 140 characters? @CatherineDeveny and @Colvinius (Mark Colvin) talk it though with @drplainenglish (Neil James).

Supported by the Plain English Foundation.

Catherine Deveny (Australian)

Catherine Deveny is a comedian, writer, social commentator and author. She is known for her work as a columnist with The Age, as a regular on ABC radio and QandA, for her sell-out Melbourne Comedy Festival one-woman show God Is Bullshit, and her work with over 20 charities. Her seventh book and first novel is The Happiness Show. She has three little boys and lives in an atheist kibbutz with her partner and gay husband.

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Neil James (Australian)

Neil James is executive director of the Plain English Foundation, which combines plain-English training, editing and evaluation with a campaign for more ethical public language. His latest book is Modern Manglish, co-authored with Harold Scruby. Neil is the author of Writing at Work and the editor of Writers on Writing and The Complete Sentimental Bloke. He has published over 65 articles and essays on language and literature in publications as diverse as The Times Literary Supplement and The Daily Telegraph.

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Mark Colvin (Australian)

Mark Colvin has been an ABC reporter and broadcaster for 38 years, working in radio, television and online. A foreign correspondent for more than a decade in the Eighties and Nineties, he covered Europe, the Middle East and Africa. A chronic disease acquired in Rwanda after the massacres of 1994 came close to killing him and eventually forced him off the road. Since 1997, Mark has presented the flagship radio current affairs evening program, PM.

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