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Can’t Be That Hard
Code: 125  |  Type: Panel   |  Genres: Feminism, Politics & Current Affairs,
Friday, May 18 2012 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM Ticketed: $20/$15
Sydney Town Hall, 483 George Street, Sydney Venue & Transport Info
Malcolm Turnbull, George Megalogenis, Lachlan Harris, Annabel Crabb, Peter Hartcher, Barrie Cassidy (facilitator)
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CHANGE TO THE PRINTED PROGRAM: Barrie Cassidy joins this event as chair. (Virginia Trioli has been advised not to travel by plane with her newborn at this time.)

Last year Julia Gillard told journalists at the National Press Club: “Don’t write crap. Can’t be that hard.” Was she right to characterise political reporting in this way? Should Australia’s media’s standards be raised? Is regulation an answer? George Megalogenis from The Australian, ABC Online writer Annabel Crabb, the Sydney Morning Herald’s Peter Hartcher, the Federal Opposition’s Communications spokesman Malcolm Turnbull, and former press secretary to Kevin Rudd, Lachlan Harris, tell the ABC’s Barrie Cassidy what responsibility the media bears for our political culture.

Change from printed program: CHANGE TO THE PRINTED PROGRAM: Barrie Cassidy joins this event as chair. (Virginia Trioli has been advised not to travel by plane with her newborn at this time.)

Malcolm Turnbull (Australian)

Malcolm Turnbull is a member of the House of Representatives and is currently shadow minister for communications and broadband. He was leader of the Opposition from September 2008 to December 2009 and prior to that shadow treasurer. Elected to Federal Parliament as the member for Wentworth in 2004, Malcolm was appointed parliamentary secretary to the prime minister with responsibility for national water policy, and in 2007 appointed to Cabinet as the minister for environment and water resources.

George Megalogenis (Australian)

George Megalogenis is a senior journalist and political commentator with The Australian, to which he also contributes the respected blog Meganomics, and is a regular guest on ABC TV's The Insiders. He spent over a decade in the Canberra Press Gallery and is the author of Faultlines, The Longest Decade and Quarterly Essay 40: Trivial Pursuit – Leadership and the End of the Reform Era. His latest book is The Australian Moment.

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Lachlan Harris (Australian)

Lachlan Harris is a columnist with The Sunday Telegraph, a regular commentator on politics and the media, and the co-founder of One Big Switch. Between 2007 and 2010 Lachlan was senior press secretary to former prime minister Kevin Rudd. Prior to working in politics, Lachlan was the legal correspondent for the Koori Mail and editor of the Australian Indigenous Law Report. In his proudest achievement Lachlan was also the founder of Budgy Smuggler swimwear.

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Annabel Crabb (Australian)

Annabel Crabb is the ABC's chief online political writer. She has been a journalist for more than 12 years, covering national politics for 10. Annabel has worked extensively in newspapers, radio and television as a political commentator, and has been a regular on the ABC's Insiders program since its inception in 2001. She is interested in new platforms for political reporting, and has established a regular live Twittercast of parliamentary Question Time at the Twitter site @CrabbTwitsard, as well as regular commentary at @annabelcrabb.

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Peter Hartcher (Australian)

Peter Hartcher is the political editor and international editor for The Sydney Morning Herald. His most recent book is The Sweet Spot: How Australia made its own luck – and could now throw it all away. He has won both the Gold Walkley Award for journalism and the Citibank Award for business reporting. His other books include Bubble Man and To the Bitter End.

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Barrie Cassidy (Australian)

Barrie Cassidy is one of Australia's most experienced political journalists, having covered federal politics since the late 1970s. In the late 1980s, Barrie was senior press secretary and political advisor to prime minister Bob Hawke. He has worked as political correspondent for ‘ABC TV News’ and ‘The 7.30 Report’ and currently hosts the popular Sunday morning political discussion program ‘Insiders’. He is married to the political correspondent at ‘The 7.30 Report’, Heather Ewart, and has a son Adam and a daughter Caitlin.