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Rediscovering Rhetoric with Neil James
Code: W4  |  Type: Workshops   |  Genres: Publishing Industry
Sunday, May 13 2012 10:00 AM - 4:30 PM Ticketed: $150/$140
State Library of NSW, Jean Garling Ante Room, Level 1, Mitchell Wing, Macquarie Street, Sydney Venue & Transport Info
Neil James
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In recent years, international politics has highlighted the best and the worst in our public language. Neil James, executive director of the Plain English Foundation, revisits the ancient craft of persuasion by examining the use and abuse of argument, and what distinguishes a finely tuned sentence from the verbal garbage of gobbledygook.

This workshop is for anyone interested in crafting a persuasive argument, whether it’s in a work of fiction, an online forum or a memo at work.

Supported by the Plain English Foundation.

Duration: 6.5 hours
Maximum capacity: 16 participants

Neil James (Australian)

Neil James is executive director of the Plain English Foundation, which combines plain-English training, editing and evaluation with a campaign for more ethical public language. His latest book is Modern Manglish, co-authored with Harold Scruby. Neil is the author of Writing at Work and the editor of Writers on Writing and The Complete Sentimental Bloke. He has published over 65 articles and essays on language and literature in publications as diverse as The Times Literary Supplement and The Daily Telegraph.

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